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What do our three elementary libraries all have in common?  STEAM!  Library Classroom Specialists Mrs. Pal-Kolisz (Furnace Woods and Buchanan-Verplanck) and Ms. Boyle (Frank G. Lindsey) have created STEAM labs in each elementary school stocked with a Kodable programming subscription, EDU Breakout kits, and Evo Ozobots.  Students are now able to spend time in the library coding, creating, and problem-solving with these brand-new tools.

Kodable offers lessons with both on-screen and off-screen components incorporating vocabulary words, computer science and integration with math, ELA, digital citizenship, and robotics.  Students drag and drop commands to program their fuzzy character to get through a maze. The result?  Students learn problem-solving, computational thinking, sequence, conditions, loops, functions and debugging, skills necessary for learning any programming language.  By fifth grade, students are introduced to JavaScript.

EDU Breakout is an immersive learning games platform that allows students to play physical and digital games, or build their very own games.  Students work collaboratively to create games and share games with others.  When an EDU Breakout game is finished, students’ tablets light up with “We Broke Out!”   

The Evo Ozobot is an app-connected, social coding robot that can be coded in two ways – either using drag-and-drop coding blocks or using color codes that students can create using markers or stickers.  Ozobots have three tricks – music, follow and escape – that challenge students to interact with these little bots in varied and creative ways, including designing courses for their bots to follow.

Remarked Ms. Boyle, “The integration of coding and problem-solving into the library media classes is a great opportunity for all students to develop 21st-century skills.”

The STEAM labs were funded by proceeds from Live on the Hudson, the annual fundraiser run by the Live Committee and the Hendrick Hudson Community Educational Foundation.

For more information:

All proceeds raised at this event will be used to enrich our children’s educational experience.  We are pleased to report that last year’s event raised over $25,000 for the district, directly supporting innovative, fun and educational opportunities in all five Hen Hud Schools, including:·         

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) Labs at all three elementary schools (Furnace Woods, Frank G. Lindsey, and Buchanan-Verplanck).  Stocked with a Kodable subscription, Breakout EDU Kits, and Evo Ozobot, these labs help students learn through games using digital and physical content and robots to teach coding and creativity.·         

Expansion of the Makerspace at Blue Mountain Middle School.  Students explore more advanced coding and robotics using programmable drones, Cubelets, Glowforge Plus, a 3D computer-modeling program, and Galaxy tablets.·         

Art Department Design Lab at Hendrick Hudson High School. Students explore the world of design using Macs, iPads, a MakerBot Replicator and 3D printer, digital cameras and more.



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